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EPA Five-Year Review
Semi-Annual Report



January 2016  

The Petro-Processors, Inc. site remediation activities continued to progress towards site closure during the past year.

NPC completed the long term monitoring activities at the Brooklawn and Scenic Operable Units and submitted reports to the regulatory agencies which were subsequently approved.  Each of the selected remedies for the impacted environmental media was found to be protective of human health and the environment.  Subsurface conditions in the alluvial sediments at the Brooklawn OU continue to be supportive of Natural Attenuation and the anaerobic biodegradation processes to reduce groundwater contaminant concentrations upgradient of the point of compliance monitor wells.  Enhanced in-situ reductive dechlorination is the approved remedial action at the Scenic OU.  Remedial injections were completed at the source and distal treatment zones to promote and sustain geochemical conditions necessary for enhanced reductive dechlorination. During 2016, remedial injections are planned at the near-source treatment zone and at the distal treatment zone.

A work plan was submitted and approved to install monitor wells at the Scenic OU downgradient of the distal treatment zone.  These well installations were completed in November 2015. An updated groundwater flow and solute transport model for the Scenic OU is anticipated to be submitted in the first quarter of 2016. In the fourth quarter of this year an update to the Brooklawn groundwater model will be prepared and submitted to evaluate contaminant degradation rates upgradient of the point of compliance monitor wells.

EPA is expected to complete its third five-year review of the remedial actions implemented at the Petro-Processors, Inc. site early this year.  The report is anticipated to conclude that the selected remedies at the site are protective of human health and the environment.

The site completed 15 years and over 622,000 man-hours with no recordable injuries.

Details of all approved plans can be inspected at the office of NPC Services, Inc. on Brooklawn Drive or at the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. We welcome your questions or comments at any time.

William C. Dawson, President

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